• Apprendre l'arabe au Maroc
    Sprachcaffe Rabat, c'est l'idéal pour prendre des cours d'arabe et pour apprendre la langue arabe au Maroc !

Take an Arabic course in Morocco!

apprendre l'arabe maroc

Want an arabic course in Morocco? Our language school in Rabat is meant for you. If you decide to join Sprachcaffe Rabat to learn Arabic, you can expect the best teaching methods from our professional and attentive team. 

We adapt our curriculum according to the wishes, expectations and needs of every student. You will enjoy effective and personalised teaching that will exceed your expectations. You will also enjoy the many amenities in Rabat and the surrounding areas of the moroccan city. Don’t wait another minute and join us now to learn Arabic in Morocco!

A professional teaching team

Our team in Morocco is made up of qualified and friendly language professionals who have developed academic strategies in order to meet the needs of non-native speakers of the Arabic language. Our teachers are young and friendly, and will do their best to create a dynamic, effective and enjoyable learning environment.

To us, having you adopt the Arabic language is a savoir-faire but also a duty. Our accelerated language course enables our students in Morocco, to learn how to read and write Arabic in only one week. You will be able to notice your progress in the Arabic language at a remarkable pace! 

Types of Arabic courses in Rabat

Type of courseFrequencyTimetable*Price and option
Standard course10 lessons /week
(= 15h)
9h-12h301400 DH/week
Intensive course15 lessons / week
(= 22h30)
9h-14h302100 DH/week
Individual course1 lesson and more
(= 1h30 ou plus)
flexible290 DH/lesson

The timetables are given as an indication only and may change 

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