• Activités culturelles Rabat
    Profitez d'une multitude d'activités culturelles avec notre école de langues pour égayer votre séjour linguistique à Rabat 

Cultural activities in Rabat

While taking part in a language course with Sprachcaffe Rabat, you will have the opportunity to learn a language in Morocco through cultural immersion while engaging in many cultural activities!

Poterie rabat maroc

In addition to your language courses, Sprachcaffe Rabat offers a large array of cultural activities. From ceramics to calligraphy, glass painting or Moroccan embroidery workshops, you will have the chance to choose your cultural afternoon break! Students who are interested in ceramics will be taken to Oulja and will experience a lesson with professional craftsmen and experts in their field.

A wide choice of activities

Our school in Moroco also organizes many day-trips for students. Students can discover the most significant sites in Rabat.

Marina rabat maroc

As for calligraphy, glass painting and embroidery, the craftsmen usually come to the school to display their techniques and share their knowledge of their crafts!