• Séjour linguistique Maroc
    Profitez d'un séjour linguistique inoubliable avec Sprachcaffe dans la magnifique ville de Rabat, la capitale du Maroc

Language course in Morocco

Séjour linguistique Maroc

Take part in an unforgettable language course with Sprachcaffe in Morocco’s wonderful capital city of Rabat.

An unforgettable stay!

Sprachcaffe Rabat welcomes students from all over the world to learn French or Arabic! Our main focus is Arabic and French but we also offer other language courses according to the needs of the students. 

Morocco is the ideal location if you want to have a wonderful language trip in an incredible place. Located very close to the seaside, the city of Rabat is very pleasant. With its warm climate, seductive environment and its wide range of cultural activities, Rabat is the perfect location for an unforgettable holiday. The city is undoubtedly the ideal location to learn any language of your choice. 

Learning arabic in Morocco

No matter which option you choose, our language school is ideally located and creates a friendly environment for our students. We encourage our international students in Morocco to take part in a large selection of activities. We also organize excursions and cultural trips for our students to make the most of their stay in Morocco! 

Sprachcaffe Rabat is the ideal solution to take language classes and learn Arabic in Morocco!